Monday, July 10, 2006


I love that this is a place, somewhat like a journal, but there is no need to rip out the old pages and start a fresh journal for different phases. I tended to do that with my journals. I saved every piece, the consequence is that I have ripped pages here and there, mostly hidden amongst my random filing system.

I feel like I have taken my first breath of air in such a long time. I've suffocated myself in work for so long, I've forgotten how good it feels to have lazy naps in the middle of the afternoon and to sit along the water and blissfully do absolutely nothing. It's moments like these which finally balance out the major overhaul I am doing in house. Things are finding their place piece by piece and I love it.

The summer fury will start again in a few days with family and weddings and camping... but for now, my time and my space is my own.